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Pyroll Converting

Pyroll Converting is the leading carton board, paper sheeting and rewinding service supplier partner in Europe, serving state-of-the art companies who are supplying world-class, high quality carton board and paper to their customers.

We are proud to work and grow together as one team according to our values – Respect, Passion and Sustainability. Our Cutting Edge team’s competence and attitude is forming a foundation, which enables us to create added value to our customers’ business. Our focus is on finding every day right solutions for our customers and helping them to be successful. Also, our innovative approach, focus on continuous improvement and utilization of new technological possibilities, makes us a preferred partner, for paper, carton board and packaging industry.

We are serving our customers in four different countries, forming a service network in the shape of a diamond, which also expresses the dynamic and unprejudiced approach we have every day towards the improvement of our business.

In Finland we operate in two locations – Valkeakoski and Siltakyla, in the Netherlands we are located in the northern part of the country – Winschoten, in Poland we operate in the middle of Poland – Strykow, and in Germany we have a facility in the southern part of the country – Baienfurt.

In total our capacity will exceed 400 000 tonnes for sheeting and 50 000 for rewinding in 2020. Pyroll is also a proud employer of over 280 professionals.