Pyroll Winschoten has invested heavily in recent years in a new technology. Good example of this is the automatic labelling robot and a sheet counting robot. The sheet counting robot is able not only to count sheets on a pallet but also to make a mark to the side of the stack with a laser if needed, for example for ream wrapping purposes further in the process.

Both robots have been perfectly integrated into the packing line system and the ERP system to secure the information flow which enables automatic and accurate operation of them. This set up guarantees right information on pallet labels based on customer requirements with the sheet counting accuracy being 99,7%.

“For us it is important to fulfill tightening requirements of the business and to be a reliable partner to our customers. Reliability is built on small details and this investment is one example how we want to be a forerunner in our business by utilizing latest available technology”, says General Manager Bert Bodde from Pyroll Winschoten.

By clicking this you can see robots working.

3rd June 2019