Safety of our own personnel and other stakeholders is THE key priority in our company. Safety is not treated only as a word in our organisation, but a variety of different aspects around it – communication, training, preventive measures, efficient reporting, up to date working methods and tools, you name it! This is an important part in our responsibility agenda.

As an important indication of our approach on this important matter, we have received during 2020 a certification of ISO 45001:2018 in every service center. Certification as itself won’t make us successful, but it helps us as a guide in a journey towards the creation of safer and safer working environment. This is a never-ending journey, and our mindset in OHS is tuned into the frequency of continuous improvement.

Our Finnish service centres Siltakyla and Valkeakoski teams received certificates in the beginning of 2020, Baienfurt team in the summer, Strykow and Winschoten teams in the end of 2020. Big gratitude goes to our service centres personnel in setting up the strong platform for occupational health and safety.


Safety first, safety always