PYROLL WINSCHOTEN SERVICE CENTER is located in the northern part of the Netherlands and offers a good location when transporting to different areas in continental Europe and also to the UK. The Service Center has a long history of service sheeting and since the beginning of 2015 it has been a part of the Pyroll Converting family. Between 2015 and 2018 the Service Center has gone through an outstanding transition from a smaller scale operation to being a forerunner, not only in terms of capacity, but also with regard to technology. The Sheeting Center is equipped with four new state-of-the-art sheeters with a fully automated packing line, including also a pallet delivery system from sheeters to packing line.

Capacity: 110 000 tonnes sheeting, 10 000 tonnes rewinding, 4 000 tonnes ream wrapping
Facility: 21 000 m2

Pyroll Winschoten
Pyroll Winschoten BV
Papierbaan 50

PO Box 288

9672 BH Winschoten, The Netherlands

Customer service: +31 597 455 555

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9670 AG Winschoten
The Netherlands

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