It was summer of 2008, and there was a new and grey industrial building standing empty in Stryków, Poland. Mariusz Bús, who had just recently accepted a position, offered to him by a head hunter, and had taken up an interesting job in the Finnish company Pyroll, was standing inside this empty building. Pyroll Converting had decided to go international with their business, and the first step on the path to internationalisation was taken in Stryków, located in central Poland, along perfect logistic routes: The A1 highway leading south from the shores of the Baltic Sea, and the A2 highway running from east to west intersect in Stryków, located in the neighbourhood of Łódź with a million-strong population.

‘We started from zero. The only thing we had was a new and empty building. In July of 2008 we started installing machinery and equipment necessary to start production,’ says General Manager Mariusz Bús, looking at his work career eleven years back and the point of change in the history of Pyroll Converting.

The operations of Pyroll Stryków started with a team effort of five employees. In the summer of 2019, the same building is a place of work for forty professionals. In ten years, the company has set up a steady business in Stryków, the strengths of which, according to Mariusz, are its excellent location, good reputation, high-quality customer service and products, as well as flexibility.

Balancing Work and Studies

‘Our customers’ appreciation towards us stems to a great deal from our high quality and flexibility. Moreover, the company has earned a good reputation locally, because we take good care of our employees,’ says Mariusz about Pyroll Stryków.

There is a strong team spirit among the staff of the eleven-year old workplace. In addition to the team spirit the company pays a great deal of attention to skills of their workforce, by providing various training opportunities and courses, as well as many development options. At the same time this is also a “requirement”, in order for us to be able to grow and stay successful in future, as without continuous personal development and development and training of the entire staff we cannot develop our business and move forward. Moreover, this being an essential factor, we are developing a new strategy for our company and thereby to each of our service centres located also in Finland, Netherlands and Germany– and thus the significance of training in the success of the new strategy is essential. The future and strategy need consideration and are something that require daily effort.

Mariusz has also improved his professional skills by studying. In April of 2018 he graduated a Polish/US MBA programme. For two years, every other weekend he studied business development, financial management and other subjects closely linked with his job duties. With the support of his family and Pyroll he successfully completed his degree studies, even though combining work, studies and family life cansometimes pose challenges.

‘At the beginning reconciliation of all this was hard, but then I made the necessary arrangements in my studies and work. My family had to be very flexible and I tried to dedicate all of my time to them on my weekends off,’ says Mariusz about his period of intensive studies.

These studies gave him many new skills required to run a business unit in a professional and modern way. Development of one’s own skills and new ideas were actually the spark that lit the desire to learn.

‘The most important thing that I learned from my studies was how to convert theoretical knowledge into practical skills. We had a lot of practical training where we were able to check our theoretical knowledge, and this was inspiring – the studies and the training also provided us with excellent tools to develop the strategy for Pyroll Converting and the Stryków service centre,’ says Mariusz, thinking back to the best parts of his studies.

Goal – eighty thousand tonnes

This summer Mariusz has some time for holidays, because his studies are now over, and in ten years the Stryków service centre has grown into a workplace for a staff of forty, which means that it keeps running also throughout the busiest summer holiday period. Having completed his studies, Mariusz now focuses on spending his free time with his family. During his holidays they intend to play basketball and chess, as well as various strategy games.

In ten years, the operations of Pyroll Stryków have stabilised and grow steadily from year to year. In future the goal is to increase the capacity of the unit and become an even more prominent service provider in the field. According to Mariusz and the new strategy, the plans for the future envisage that by 2026 Pyroll Stryków will be sheeting 80,000 tonnes of carton board and paper.

During his years with Pyroll Mariusz has learned a lot about Finland. He does not see many differences between Finnish and Polish work culture, and it is easy for a Polish person to work in a Finnish company without fearing a culture shock.

‘Finland is a really interesting country and full of possibilities. One of the most vivid memories is connected with my visit to Saariselkä. This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.’

23rd  August 2019