The right man at the right place

Located at a distance of two-hour drive from Amsterdam, the vibrant capital city of the Netherlands, there is a small idyllic Dutch city named Winschoten. In addition to tulips and windmills, the city is the home of a Pyroll Converting’s service centre, where over hundred thousand tons of paper and cardboard gets sheeted, rolled, and wrapped every year. Winschoten that joined the Pyroll family in 2015, is a place of work for almost 70 professionals. One of these employees is Mohamed Gaab who works as an operator.

Mohamed has literally come a long way to reach the green city of Pyroll. Mohamed, who was born and grew up in Mogadishu, Somalia, left his war-ravaged homeland and landed in the Netherlands, his new homeland in 2009.

Ten years later optimistic and happy Mohamed starts his working day at the production department of Pyroll Winschoten. In recent years the staff of the Winschoten centre has grown significantly, and along this growth the company has recruited new employees to all departments. Mohamed, who started working in February of 2016 is one of the new Pyroll staff members who came along with the growth.

Throughout the entire decade since 2010 Europe has been witnessing a considerable influx of refugees and migrants who have left their homes due to the unrest in the Middle East, but also climate refugees and labour migrants. The process of relocating and integrating into a completely new country is far from easy and uncomplicated. Mohamed’s experience shows that the best way to become integrated into a new country is to learn the language of the home country, and to learn about and adapt to the traditions and culture of the new homeland. Cheerful Mohamed has been successful in integration and learning the language, and he works smoothly with his Dutch colleagues.

Working with the team and learning new things are indeed what Mohamed appreciates about his job. Work colleagues describe Mohamed as an honest, responsible, dedicated, and motivated worker whose positive attitude has a positive effect on other employees and the entire organisation.

‘He is the right man at the right place’, says Ina van Aalst, the HR -advisor  of Pyroll Winschoten about Mohamed.

Dreaming about a house and learning languages

Ten years after Mohamed’s leaving the country, the situation in Somalia is still turbulent. What Mohamed values the most about the Netherlands, his new homeland, is security. In a secure country he can also dream about future. Mohamed has hopes that in coming years he would be able to buy his own house and get married. He would also wish to study French and plans to take online French language courses.

As a child Mohamed was planning to follow his father’s footsteps and was dreaming about becoming a doctor. However, the turbulent situation in his home country changed his plans. The child, who in the warmth of Mogadishu was dreaming about becoming a doctor, could have hardly anticipated that in 2019 he will be living in the Netherlands and working in a Finnish family-owned business. However, unexpected twists and turns of life have brought the man to a place where he enjoys being:

‘I truly appreciate the confidence with which I was welcomed when I came to work with Pyroll. The shift supervisor Jan Kiewiet chose me from a group of three candidates, and it changed my future’, says Mohamed happily.

April 1st 2019