Are you a packaging and sheeting professional? Pyroll needs YOU!

Pyroll is a dynamic family business; we live and evolve together with our customers, in tune with the requirements of the business environment. We’re constantly branching out to new areas, and redefining old tasks and duties. Therefore new industry gamechangers are needed on a regular basis.

Most of our staff are professionals from the packaging and sheeting industry, but our company also offers other work roles. We can provide an excellent work environment, along with opportunities to build and sharpen your skills, empowered by the positive Pyroll spirit.

Pyroll is an environmentally and socially responsible family business which employs over 600 professionals in Finland and abroad. If you would like to be a part of Pyroll, send us a location-specific application or an open application for forthcoming opportunities.

We’ll get in touch as soon as the right job becomes available!

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