Bredi is Primula’s new organic bun. It is available in three varieties: oat, rye, and a combination of oat and rye. Primula was keen to get packaging material that supports the brand image of the organic Bredi. Right on cue, Pyroll’s Ypäjä unit had been in the middle of developing a non-plastic, biodegradable and heat-sealed paper packaging.

Bredi’s packaging trials with the new material were excellent. The paper packaging worked well in the packaging machine, which was originally built for plastic packaging. The material was also seamed successfully.

Bredi’s packaging design wanted to highlight not only the organic aspect of the product but the packaging itself too. Eco-friendly packaging material also serves as a selling point. The packaging declares: “Toastfrisch ohne müll, logish!” (“Fresh to toast & no waste, logical!”). The package contains six pre-frozen buns. The environment is grateful to you, as you can only take as much as you need at a time.

Laura Flander, Primula’s Development Manager is excited about the new material. In her opinion, it is a great material that everyone will want. Primula has been pleased with the novelty material. Thanks to the paper packaging, the product can be stored well in the freezer, it stays fresh and does not dry out. Like Primula: More taste, no waste!