We take the potential threat connected to Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to our operations and to our customer’s operations utmost seriously. Pyroll Group’s risk management team is responsible of performing communications and actions in order to minimize the influence of the virus.

Management and Communications

Firstly we follow the decisions and recommendations in accordance with the Emergency Powers Act, the Communicable Diseases Act and other Finnish legislation. The competent authorities have also issued further instructions in accordance with their responsibilities. All our actions are based on these instructions.

External communication is the responsibility of the Pyroll Group risk management team and additionally supported when required locally by site managers and sales personnel.

Personnel and Non-Travelling Policy & Visiting Prohibitions

We instruct our personnel to refrain from all travelling until further notice and reduce visits to minimum level. Additionally, we have restricted the external visits to our units. In case of critical visits to our units, we ensure that the visitors are not exposed to coronavirus. Visiting our units is absolutely prohibited if a person has had symptoms indicating coronavirus infection within the past 14 days prior to the intended visit.

All our units are operating under enhanced hygienic level and we are following the instructions from the occupational health care and national health authority. Where possible, recommended organizational actions (such as remote work) have been taken to reduce close contacts within personnel. In compliance to these instructions we have informed all our personnel to pay extra special attention to hand hygiene and to other measures to counteract spreading of infection (for example extra supply of hand hygiene materials, no handshaking, avoid unnecessary close personal contacts).

In the case a person falls sick or is showing symptoms of Coronavirus infection, one is instructed to immediately contact occupational health service provider and one’s supervisor. All cases of disease are attended in accordance of the instructions from national health authority and from occupational health care.


We strive for ensuring continuing operations of all our units, and to ensure availability all critical raw materials and supplies. In case the performance of our production units becomes endangered due to the pandemic situation (for example production personnel sick leaves, failures in raw material and service supplies), we shall immediately inform the customers and other co-operation partners who would be impacted.

We appreciate those who have reached out to let us know of your own businesscontinuity plans as well as health and safety measures, and we may also reach out to some of you to ensure we align critical needs. In this time of uncertainty, we appreciate your partnership and patience as we collectively navigate this exceptional and challenging situation.