Family-owned companies see investments differently than other companies. It’s about passion, not something ‘you just have to do’. Family businesses can move forward without unduly hindrance; once the decision to invest is made, you simply execute.  

Pyroll has never shied away from making the necessary investments, but in recent years we’ve really picked up the pace. During the last few years, we’ve invested over EUR 10 million – every year.   

The investments are in line with our growth strategy and we want to keep at it. That said, it is also true that we are operating in a sector where you must invest in machinery just to stay in the race.     

One of the big investments in 2017 was the renewal of Pyroll Tako carton plant at Tampere. The latest piece of machinery, state-of the-art offset printing machine, started operation in August 2017.  

Another big thing for us was the expansion of Pyroll Converting into Germany in November 2017. Located in South Germany, the Baienfurt plant will complement our sheeting service network considerably – thanks to its high capacity and great location.

Also, the Siltakylä plant, located in Pyhtää, Finland, expanded its scope as new storage and production facilities were constructed to allow for future growth.    

Looking at investments for this year, the new flexoprint machine at Pyroll Tervajoki definitely bears a mention. The new machine will boost production capacity by 50% and take production efficiency to another level. The Tervajoki plant also received a new Wicket line.   

These are all examples of investments which maintain our quality-driven competitive edge. Now and in the future, we are a responsible, efficient, forward-looking family business both in Finland and in Europe.   

We would argue that all Pyroll units feature a certain entrepreneurial, individualistic mindset. Our corporate culture mandates that you trust your people and give them the freedom and responsibility to run their own units. Every Pyroll employee is an expert regarding his/her work.   

Our culture is also very much about continuity. When building a house, make sure that the foundation is sound; in a similar way, a company needs to be rooted in something, too.  

Furthermore, it is important to note that it’s no use trying to do everything all by yourself. As Pyroll is becoming a more and more formidable player in the sector, one can never overemphasise the role of good collaboration. This continuing cooperation and interaction with our customers and partners is something that we are very thankful for.    

While Pyroll moves forward, it is doing so under a renewed brand. We feel that the rebranded Pyroll helps us to communicate better – and show the world all the great things that we do. The brand is now more visual, more modern and certainly more approachable.   

Reino Uusitalo
Chairman of the Board

Aleksi Uusitalo
Member of the Board