Feet on the ground with eyes on product development – this is how Pyroll stands alongside its customers

“We stand with your brand” is the promise of the slogan of Pyroll Packaging. The packaging business unit started off the year 2019 by finding out how this promise is kept in daily customer meetings and everyday life. The customer satisfaction survey carried out in January scoped customers’ thoughts on Pyroll’s corporate image, sales and marketing, deliveries and products. This time, the customer satisfaction survey was carried out by phoning a pre-selected sample of Pyroll Packaging customers.

A satisfied customer is valuable for a company, but a dissatisfied customer is the biggest impetus for change and development. The customers who responded to Pyroll Packaging’s customer satisfaction survey shared highest praise as well as constructive feedback on ways in which Packaging could be a better partner for its customers. Customers were particularly keen to see Pyroll Packaging take a proactive role in customer relationships and product development, as well as uniformity in all areas. The primary goal for the year 2019 is to harmonize the promise of quality in all operations:

“This year, we’ll be focusing on quality improvement that will be visible for our customer base, and the harmonization of our order-delivery processes,” says CEO Mikael Svennas based on the results of the customer satisfaction survey.

Focus on product development and marketing

Customers were particularly satisfied with Pyroll’s staff whose friendly and competent work were praised by many respondents. The responses also highlighted that Pyroll Packaging is just the right size: big enough to have enough capacity, but small and easily approachable enough to have its “feet on the ground”.

Pyroll Packaging receives feedback from interactions with its customers throughout the year, but a customer satisfaction survey is a comprehensive overview of important topics and requests. CEO Mikael Svennas says that the results of the customer satisfaction survey are valuable feedback for the company.

“Getting direct feedback from our customers is very valuable, and they’ve identified our strengths as well as areas that need development. Our sales personnel in charge of customer relationships received positive feedback across the board. Customers wish us to focus on product development and marketing in particular,” Svennas says.

“You can’t find much fault with an A+”

The responses made it very clear that the Finnish packaging company is still a desirable partner despite the European price war. Geographical proximity in Finland enables the company to respond quickly even in challenging situations and with more complex orders.

Customer responses highlighted the trend of eco-friendliness and responsibility. Pyroll is expected to take an active approach towards developing and launching new, eco-friendlier materials. Many companies are interested in new, greener packaging options, as the pressure to change and to change packages is high, going by the current trends and consumer demand.

Most respondents would recommend Pyroll to others who need packaging. On the other hand, some customers said with tongue in cheek that they would absolutely not recommend Pyroll to a competitor, as they would want to keep a tight hold on this business partner who gives them a competitive advantage.

“Pyroll is well-known in its industry, and customers value our expertise. Most customers would recommend us to others,” Svennas says.

25th February 2019