Our effective, flexible and customer-oriented team is always striving to find the best solution from the perspective of the client.

Pyroll Paper Merchant

Pyroll Paper Merchant is one of the most significant paper wholesale operators in Finland. We can offer a wide range of art and offset printing papers, as well graphics carton, packaging carton and cardboard.

Our products are used by printing houses, bookbinders and packaging industry as well as advertising and communicating agencies and other stakeholders.

Our premises are located in Tuusula, Finland, just a 15-minute drive away from Helsinki International Airport. Our operations are optimally located to facilitate distribution to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area (HMA) as well as regional delivery.

Igepa Group

Almost all our products have been awarded with EU Ecolabel or an environmental
certificate. We are part of international chain of wholesalers, Igepa Group. Igepa Group
has operations in 29 countries around Europe.

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