Maxisilk is a heavily coated silk-surface art press paper for the most demanding image prints, with high level opacity and whiteness.

Maxisilk is a great choice for e.g. picture books, brochures, magazines and annual reports.

Maxisilk products have been awarded with EU Ecolabel and they are available PEFC™ certified straight from storage. The delivery time of FSC certified products is 2-4 weeks. Applicable as raw material for Swan certified (the official Nordic Ecolabel) printed goods.

Storage grades (g/m²): 100, 115, 130, 150, 170, 200, 250. The 100–150 g/m2 range is made in Finland.

Available also: 90, 135, 220, 270, 300 and 350.

Manufacturer: UPM