Collaborative, Encouraging and Positive:

Pyroll’s Employee of the Year 2019! Izabela Krzemińska-Bryja from Stryków, Poland

These features describe this year’s Pyroll’s employee of the year – Izabela Krzemińska-Bryja:

  • Long career in Pyroll with key role in building team spirit and Pyroll Strykow´s success
  • Very important link in Strykow, to all at Converting and to our customers
  • Always reliable, committed, positive and high in motivation and enough knowledge to support every person in the office
  • Understands the needs of employees while understanding the principles of market operation and business
  • Works well as a trainer, can patiently use various methods to reach everyone
  • Very high level of professionalism and versatility

Finally and simply: a colleague which everyone would wish to have!

Who is Izabela and how she became a part of Pyroll Stryków?

Izabela describes herself as a very talkative, open, helpful, often laughing and a person full of energy. She also thinks that she is sometimes too emotional and stubborn. Izabela started in Pyroll in September 2008 just after Pyroll Stryków was opened, so one might say that she has been there since the beginning. Izabela started at Pyroll right after graduating from Master’s degree. As a young, 25 years old mother, without much experience at work in the office, she was very excited to start journey at Pyroll.

How has work at Pyroll changed since you started? Or has it?

“Work at Pyroll has changed a lot during these years. For the first years Pyroll Stryków had not so much paperboard to be sheeted, so my task was to translate machine manuals, create many administration documents, choose and learn how to use the invoicing program. Month by month amount of sheeting orders were increasing and I became a customer service, production planner, logistic, supply, invoicing and HR specialist too. Sometimes I was also helping on the packing line in the production.”

Today, when the staff has increased, Izabela focuses mainly on customer service, solving challenges with E1 and testing its new solutions, employees training and conducting monthly meetings, creating warehouse documents, invoices and monthly reports.

“My unwritten everyday task is to take care of good team spirit around whole company; between employees, customers and suppliers. And this is what I like the most! I really like the atmosphere which we all have together created during these years as I prefer to work with people much more than with numbers and papers”, says Izabela.

What do you like the most working in Pyroll?

Izabela thinks that one of the many great things about Pyroll is that there is always focus on education and learning of new skills. For example, in Stryków they have English classes and several colleagues have graduated from extramural studies. Izabela herself has now started MBA studies. She thinks that continual improvement is here to stay.

“I love to work with my Stryków team as it is the best team ever! Everybody knows what to do and how important part of the whole mechanism they are. With such understanding it is much easier to reach customers’ expectations.

Also, no one in our team gets angry with criticism, if it is constructive one. As we say “criticism is not to put you down, but to make you better”. So, as long as it is said with respect and good will it is then always approved. It’s so easy to work with people that have such approach”, Izabela comments.

When asking what kind of talents are needed at Izabela’s work, she answers that the most important thing is to be a social person with some bigger part of empathy. It is important to be able to find a common field for employees, customers and management to achieve their goals.

What do you do, when you are not working? How do you relax?

“I spend time with my family; husband, son and a dog. We love traveling and adventures. Every year we all spend a week on the camp at the seaside, using a tent instead of comfortable hotel and biking many kilometres along the coast.”, says Izabela.

 “My family’s common hobby is photography – it is something that we got from my husband, who really infected us by looking at the world through the camera lens. My own personal hobby, however, is aquariums. It requires much discipline and patience, but it is also very relaxing”, adds Izabela. She actually has one bigger 1,5 m long aquarium of which her friends say that she has her own National Geography channel in the room!

Any final word for your colleagues?

I would like to thank everybody in Stryków team for the prize. It is truly for us all”, Izabela smiles.

What a colleague we all have!


12th December 2019