Large international brands thrive through their recognition power.  From the Coca-Cola logo to McDonald’s arches and the Nike swoosh: a world-class brand must have “instant recognition”.  When a brand is well known, it can even take a few liberties.  For example, Coca-Cola can personalise its own labels every which way – the familiar font on the red background will kick off the brand experience effectively, even if the text itself is something else.

The colour really matters.  According to studies, brand recognition is based on the colour used in the packaging in up to 80% of the cases.  And yet: up to 85% of a consumer’s purchasing decisions are made based on how the colour is used in the packaging.  On the consumer’s “everyday roadmap”, colours are important if you are thinking about jumping into the local market.

Taken against this background, it’s no surprise that Pyroll Packaging wants to be a trendsetter in the colour management of packaging.  The Pyroll Packing unit in Joensuu has just received the Pantone Certified Printer Program certification, the first flexoprinting company in the world to receive such.

Behind the certification, there has been close co-operation with Flexolahti Oy, a colour management specialist, for one year.  Within the pilot project, necessary investments were made, a colour management quality system created and personnel trained.  We’re off to a great start.

Apart from the colours, the brand experience is also affected a great deal by design, of course.  The top brands know the importance of killer design and are interested in novel ideas that challenge the status quo.

In this scenario, a multi-material approach is emphasised: when the brand appearance and feeling transfers easily from one material to another, the link to the consumer also remains strong.  At its best, the brand experience can be greatly enhanced through the material choices.  It would be wrong to claim that a brand should always be one and the same for a client.  In smart brand management, the brand is living, transforming, renewing – without ever losing touch with its core.  Most players favour small adjustments, when it comes to brand retooling.  Best Finnish brands have taken up the challenge and pondered how their own product can be seen in a new light. This has been especially good to notice in a country where strong consumer brands are not too common.

When brands introduce new technologies for packaging, attention is often drawn to the technical side of things.  This is a bit risky focus, since a brand is more emotional than cerebral.  However, it is clear that with ever-evolving technologies, branding is now more comprehensive and deeper than ever before.  It is certainly a good idea to take every advantage of this opportunity.

Mikael Svennas
Pyroll Packaging