Pyroll Packaging wants to be a pioneer in the colour management of packaging. The new approach and the new tools of the company have received a Pantone Certified Printer Program Certificate, which was awarded to the Joensuu unit of Pyroll Packaging. The certificate is globally the first one awarded to a flexoprinting company.

Pyroll Packaging started cooperation with Flexolahti Oy, a colour management specialist, a year ago with a pilot project. During this year we have done the necessary investments, created a quality management system for colour management, and trained the personnel in new procedures. The new approach and the tools related to it have been verified by Pantone Certified Printer Program Certificate created by X-Rite Pantone which also meets the requirements of the international standards in the field. In the future, the level of operations at the Joensuu unit of Pyroll Packaging will be verified once a year.

Several operators are involved in the production of the packaging solution ending up to the consumer, and the colour management in package printing is one important part of it. The international brands have already started introducing new technologies in the supply chains, and before long the new ways of operating will also reach Finland’s packaging industry.

According to studies, over 70% of purchase decisions of consumer products are made in stores. In up to 80% of the cases, the recognition of the brand is based on the colours used in the package. Up to 85% of the consumers’ purchase decisions are made based on how the colour was used in the packages. Therefore it is not insignificant how the printing colours are replicated from the designer’s table to the finished packages and how identical the colours are in each printing batch.

– The colours used in packaging play an essential role in how the consumer locates the desired products in stores. The issue is important for the point of view of the consumer, product manufacturer, and store. The purchasing process is smooth, products are circulated, and the investments made in the products will not go to waste, says Mikael Svennas, Managing Director of Pyroll Packaging.

Pyroll Packaging offers overall packaging solutions and wants to utilize their multi-material expertise as well as the latest cloud technology for colour management for the benefit of their customers. The close cooperation of the whole chain is required for the packages to communicate the brand and for the customer to recognize the product on the store shelves. The success of Pyroll Packaging in the international competition of the field, and the investments in colour management create a competitive edge in not only domestic but also in export markets.

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Mikael Svennas, CEO, Pyroll Packaging

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