We bring digital edge to the packages. We focus in delivering individualised solutions and packages, converting the packages into powerful media.

Our digital packages plant is the only one of its kind in Finland, and also the largest 100% digital plant in the Nordics. In 2017, we made new investments – with the price tag of almost EUR 3 million – which will take our packaging solutions to a new level entirely.

We offer our clients a model which fully enables modern sustainability as part of responsible packaging process. Our cost-effective ‘Digital Warehouse’ model makes sure that there’s minimal waste and minimal need for storage.

In addition, Omnichannel marketing is here to stay, and the package is a key media in the new marketing landscape. We build progressive campaign and service models for various brands, making sure that the package performs a central role as a media. Furthermore, we provide opportunities to utilise packages more effectively in different sales channels.

Working with us, brands can assign new tasks to the package on the store shelf (Point of Sale, POS) which, in turn, strengthen the connection to the consumer.

It is also possible to integrate our digital campaign platform into the campaign solutions. Via the platform, we manage the individual identities of the packages as well as the customised rights/services. Thanks to individualised online monitoring, we obtain important knowledge about the life of the products and the end users.

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