Stylish confectionery packaging guarantees sales

For confectionery, our strengths lie in diverse printing techniques and after-treatment options, such as specialty adhesives for confectionary packages.  The delightful, impressive look of confectionery packaging is the result of a good graphic design that utilises, for example, folios, embossing and various forms of windows.  We have hundreds of success stories concerning these effects and structures.

We also manufacture reel format packages from plastic and aluminium foil, for use in, e.g., chocolate wrappings and confectionary bags.

Confectionaries are often impulsive purchases.  With our help, you can get your confectionery to stand out on the shelves.  Trends in confectionery change quite regularly, and, therefore, the ability to respond quickly to emerging needs is significant for success.  In this competition, we are excited to work together with our customers.