Wraps and lids for dairy products

We manufacture heat sealed lids and wrappings made from aluminium, paper, plastic and laminates for yogurts, sour milk, spreads and cottage cheese, fresh cheeses and other dairy products.

The finishing for the packaging of dairy products is one of the special areas of expertise at Pyroll.  Our factories annually manufacture heat sealed lids for up to 700 million sour milk containers, butter containers and other dairy products.  Our product range includes all the most common lid sizes that are also suitable for use under printed covers.

The lid materials used in our productions are sealed to, among others, different types of plastics (PS, PP, PE, PET) and glass.  The raw materials we use include:  aluminium foil, aluminium-plastic laminates, paper-plastic laminates and plastics.  Our product range also includes laminate interleaves for spread containers and heat sealed lid materials for reel format packing lines.


Sealed, impressive packages for ice cream

An example of our specialty in ice cream packaging is wraps for ice cream cones, for which we are the only manufacturer in the Nordic countries.  We also produce lids for ice cream cones and other ice cream wraps and cardboard ice cream packaging, in addition to ice cream cone wraps.  We use aluminium, paper and cardboard as a material for ice cream wraps and ice cream packaging.

The packaging of ice creams combines the visual look of confectionery packaging with the sealability of dairy product packaging.  We can provide ice creams rolled into attractive ice cream cone wraps.  To ensure the enjoyment of ice cream, we pack all the ice cream cones, popsicles and litre containers in such a way that the taste and composition are not compromised.