Pyrollgreen Case: Maitomaa – aluminium-free wrapper for edible fats

The packaging industry is paying more and more attention to environmentally friendly packaging solutions. Sustainable packaging is also among the key development areas for our customers. The aluminium-free wrapper designed for Maitomaa edible fats is an excellent example of the results which can be reached with industrious long-term cooperation with our customers. With Maitomaa, the cooperation aimed at finding new greener packaging solutions.

Maitomaa – pasturing since 1915. Maitomaa production is based on the common Finnish values of professional pride and integrity. Production takes hard work, sound expertise and willingness to continuously develop one’s skill set and products, not to mention dedication and true pride in what one is working for.

Maitomaa butter gets its clean taste from fresh milk which is delivered from dairy farms located in the Finnish regions of Savonia and Karelia with their beautiful lake sceneries. The new aluminium-free wrappers are used in three different products of Maitomaa: regular, unsalted and lactose-free butter. The packaging is easy to recognise: the wrapper itself contains a printed note informing the end users that the material does not contain any aluminium.

The aluminium-free wrapper designed for Maitomaa edible fats is a result of long-term cooperative product development. First, the Maitomaa representatives discussed their long-term aspirations with Pyroll with the aim of determining how Pyroll could help with reaching these goals. Based on the discussions, common targets were then set for the product development project. The goal was to find new, aluminium-free alternative to traditional edible fat wrappers containing aluminium. Both parties agreed that continuous learning was the best method to reach the set goal.

It took several test drives to specify the properties of the material. The test drives helped to determine the critical factors affecting the use of the material in the packaging machine. Also, several discussions were held between the packaging machine supplier, the packaging machine experts of Pyroll and the suppliers of the packaging materials. Based on the test drives and the discussions we were able to determine the required properties and issues which were critical to ensure proper machine operation.

These issues were then solved by close collaboration between the customer’s maintenance team and the staff operating the packaging machine. Test drive by test drive the problems were gradually solved. In the end, the optimal packaging material was found.

The test drives proved that the production line had to be modified. After the required modifications, the process took leaps forward. Each test drive taught us something new. The experience gained from the test drives ultimately helped us to specify optimal drive parameters for the material.

The new aluminium-free wrapper naturally does not contain any aluminium. In addition, it also has a soft surface and a papery texture. Traditional oil based polymers have been substituted with minerals which reduce not only the environmental impact of the material, but also energy consumption during manufacture. Both factors greatly reduce the carbon footprint.

The material is safe and has good burst strength and water/grease resistance. Thanks to its good drive properties, it is an excellent choice also for other packaging applications.

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