Baguette box “from one tree”

The modern consumer more often than not wants to choose ecological packaging. Packaging and raw material manufacturers are working in close cooperation to find new and more eco-friendly alternatives to old solutions, such as plastic. The baguette box developed for the Hyvä Konditoria bakery chain is made from folding boxboard covered with a biodegradable barrier coating.

The barrier coating on the boxboard prevents it from absorbing fat. The window on the box is made from wood-based cellulose acetate film. This means that all of the packaging is made from wood-based raw materials, and therefore the box is compostable.

Packaging made from only one raw material is easier to recycle than packaging made using several raw materials. By choosing the right type of barrier coating for comestible/foodstuff packaging, the shelf life can be optimised, thus reducing wastage.

Folding boxboard can be used to make a wide variety of structures and packages to protect comestibles/foodstuffs both during transport as well as in the store.