In 2023, Pyroll Packaging celebrated its 50th anniversary. 🥳🎈🎂 These years have been filled with a lot of good spirit, memories, achievements, individuals, customers, locations, packages, innovations, business transactions, machines, and much more.

Pyroll Packaging wanted to recognize its dedicated employees with special “Spirit of Doing Good” awards. The Spirit of Doing Good at Pyroll Packaging means that we get things done with a positive attitude, focusing on excellence without frowning. We emphasize doing good, maintaining quality without compromising, all while operating responsibly and understanding the environment.

Thanks to our excellent employees, our printing machines are running, die-cutting machines are humming, forklifts are moving, and bags are being packaged. The Spirit of Doing Good awards were presented to Juta Männik from Pyroll Salo unit, Janne Stenberg from Pyroll Ypäjä unit, Karri Salonen from Pyroll Lahti unit, Reijo Pussinen from Pyroll Inkeroinen unit, Miika Hostikka from Pyroll Kotka unit, Aleksi Purmonen from Pyroll Joensuu unit, Jari Kaakkurivaara from Pyroll Tampere unit, as well as Álvaro Pelegrina Fernández and Javier Velando Cruz from the Inkeroinen/Spain team.

These champions of the Doing Good are all excellent team players who create a positive atmosphere and encourage their colleagues with their unique personalities. They exhibit a professional approach to their work, serving as examples for others and earning the appreciation of the entire work community with their attitude. That’s the kind of diamond team we have here at Pyroll. 😀

Pyroll Packaging expresses gratitude to all its employees for the Doing Good Spirit throughout the past year, enabling the creation of fantastic and responsible packaging. 👍We also want to thank our customers for their trust, long-standing relationships, and the past year. Additionally, we extend our appreciation to our partners for their excellent projects, collaboration, and forward-thinking. 🌞

Thank you for year 2023, and a Successful New Year 2024.