All-new boxes and wrappings introduced to honour the Brunberg truffle tradition

The traditional chocolate manufacturer from Porvoo, Finland, wanted to renew its packaging and Pyroll stepped up to the challenge and came up with new designs for both the boxes and wrappings to ensure that the entire look of the product will optimally support the Brunberg brand.

Brunberg sweets are now clad in a new packaging, the design of which, however, honours the manufacturer’s long-standing traditions. These new packages are easily recognised as Brunberg products.

The starting point of the project was to renew Brunberg truffle boxes in a way that would highlight the brand and bring this product family even more compact. Brunberg truffles come with a distinguished history ranging back to the 1920’s. Since those days, the truffle product family has expanded and now features nutty nougat truffles and mocca truffles.

The Brunberg package modernisation was designed by the advertising agency KarpaloGroup. Pyroll and Karpalo Group worked closely together even before AD Kukka-Maaria Jaatinen got started with the actual design work. The starting point was to have the truffle wrapping looking the same as before. The graphic features for the boxes were also adopted from the truffle wrapping. The window in the bottom left corner of the box brings life and gloss, while the high-end look of the box was established by embossing and foiling.

In producing the praline wrapping, a new cellulose-based material is used, combining material and production know-how with decided environment-friendliness. The credit for the production of the wrapping goes to Pyroll Joensuu.

Brunberg CEO Katarina Enholm says that their decades-long co-operation with Pyroll has  always functioned very well. The diverse packaging know-how of Pyroll and their bold presentation of new ideas makes package renewal processes a lot easier, just like in this case. Brunberg Truffles now have a fresh, new expression.