Unison Coffee is a recently established company in Joensuu, offering first-class, ethically produced Unison Coffee, hand-roasted in their own coffee roastery, in addition to coffee machines and coffee catering.

There is plenty to choose from in Unison Coffee variety, and even the names of the coffees warm the heart. With the coffee names, Unison Coffee wants to proudly show where they are from! There is dark-roasted Tummoo, light-roasted Vaalleeta, and intense Tujjuu. Everyone will find their own favourite!

Pyroll got access to the coffee world of Unison Coffee when their brew master Miska Kämäräinen walked in the door and announced they needed coffee packages. The Joensuu unit of Pyroll took action, and the result was two different sizes of package material. The 1-kilogram packages are mainly used for coffee machines, and the 500-gram packages are for consumers. According to Miska, the package project was smooth and help was available even in using the packaging machine.

In coffee packaging it is particularly important to take into account the preservation of the aroma. In Unison Coffee packages there is a three layer laminate to protect the contents from air, humidity, and UV radiation. The surface of the package was made matt to highlight the roughness and authenticity of the coffee.