Altia is a leading alcoholic beverage company in the Nordic and Baltic countries, which manufactures, imports and exports high quality wines and spirits. Altia employs 880 people and had a turnover of 380.7 million euros in 2015.

Altia’s business model is based on a product portfolio of its own strong brands and a wide range of international principal products. Altia has operations in seven countries. It has alcoholic beverage factories located in Rajamäki, Finland, and Tabasalu, Estonia, whilst a distillery is located in Koskenkorva, Finland. Altia is also an important cognac house, and they have their own production facility and ripening stores in Cognac, France. The company exports alcoholic beverages to about 30 different countries, most of which are in Europe. In addition to Europe, the products are also exported to Asia, North America, the Caribbean and the Middle East.

Altia is the official cooperation partner of the Finland 100 years project, under the commission of the Finnish Government. Business life and companies are actively involved in Finland’s 100 years anniversary. There is always a story behind a product or service carrying the Finland 100 years mark, whilst the social fabric of the companies also moves Finland forward.

– Different products traditionally have their own role in the celebration of anniversaries, which is also true for the anniversary of Finland’s independence. A product with the Finland 100 years mark is not just a logo, but it always includes a dimension towards the public good, which is the social involvement of the company itself. In addition, the product itself must have a meaningful connection with the celebratory year, says Pekka Timonen, Secretary General of Finland 100 years.

Altia also allowed Pyroll to join in to implement a Finland 100 years theme. The Suomi 100 gift bag, chosen as Pyroll’s packaging for December, has been made for traditional Finnish drinks. The bag is decorated with an old Koskenkorva map, which creates a historic atmosphere. The gift bag is suitable for Finnish tastes, it is simple and stylish and is decorated with the Suomi 100 logo.