Myllyn Paras manufactures, sells and markets flours, flakes, groats and pastas, as well as frozen doughs and frozen pastries.  The two factories of the company are located in Hyvinkää.

Myllyn manufactures flours, flakes, groats and pastas, whilst the frozen product factory is focused on the manufacture of frozen doughs and pastries. The company employs more than 100 people in Finland.

Myllyn Paras began the first manufacture of laminated frozen dough sheets in Finland in 1988.  For a long time, the company has been the market leader in frozen dough, and nowadays Myllyn Paras’ market share of dough is about 70%. Frozen pastries have in recent years been among the fastest growing product groups. In 2009, the frozen product factory began to produce readymade frozen pastries. From the beginning of 2010, Myllyn Paras has also invested more strongly in the HoReCa sector and has launched a major product innovation, Lippa rolls, onto the market.

Last Christmas, Myllyn Paras launched a new lactose free gingerbread dough that is suitable for vegans. It has the taste of traditional gingerbread dough, is easy to handle and turns out golden brown in colour. The lactose free gingerbread dough does not contain any ingredients of animal origin, and, precisely for this reason, it is also suitable for vegan diets. The dough has also been called “Champions dough”, as it is the official competition dough in the Finnish championships in gingerbread. The product is available in both 500 grams and one kilogram packages.

Gingerbread doughs have received handsome wrappings. The packagings splendidly combine Pyroll Salo’s flexoprinting excellence, Pyroll’s comprehensive material expertise and the customer’s exquisite design. The idea for this premium grade packaging came to light during Pyroll’s and Myllyn Paras’ own showroom event. Pyroll’s showroom event was used to search for new advanced packaging solutions for customers and this is one of them. According to Johanna Kemppinen, Marketing Manager of Myllyn Paras, the packaging has already attracted the admiration of consumers. The gingerbread packaging is manufactured by using OPP Met film. This film brings a luxury feeling to the packaging, whilst metallic-gloss allows it to stand out well from other packages.