HoviRuoka mämmi (a kind of rye pudding) is available in two varieties: naturally sweetened and regular (with sugar). This seasonal delicacy is sold from January to Easter time. Production starts as early as November. 70 per cent of all HoviRuoka mämmi products are sold frozen. Freezing improves the texture and softens the taste of rye. To top off the treat, add some whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

According to Virpi Nieminen, Production Manager at HoviRuoka Oy, the yellow “chick box” really stands out among other similar products. Its design is traditional and time-tested. Thanks to its yellow colour, this product is easily spotted by the HoviRuoka clientele.

HoviRuoka Oy produces tasty convenience foods to all the friends of high-quality ready-to-eat products. HoviRuoka Oy selection includes mämmi, meat pies and rice pies, and various snack products.